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Adobe Systems Incorporated Platinum Certification For Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Adobe San Jose Headquarters at-a-glance

Adobe’s headquarters facilities consist of three high-rise office towers located in downtown San Jose,


With approximately 2,100 employees locally,

Adobe is the largest corporate presence in downtown San Jose.

The San Jose headquarters complex is comprised of a million square feet of office space and parking facilities.

The towers were constructed in 2003 (Almaden Tower),

The Adobe Almaden,

East and West towers have 17,

Adobe Goes Green

Adobe has consistently strived to use leading edge,

environmentally friendly design and construction methods worldwide since the company was founded in 1982.

A guiding principle is the belief that commitment to eco-friendly operation is not only the right thing to do – it makes good business sense.

The proving ground in recent years has been the company’s corporate headquarters in downtown San Jose,


Comprised of three high-rise towers,

the million square feet of office space and parking facilities was built between 1996 and 2003.

Company-wide efforts to improve energy conservation became sharply focused during the California energy crisis in 2001.

The state government called upon large electricity users like Adobe to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent.

Beginning with that challenge and committing to go even further,

Adobe took corporate environmental performance to an entirely new level.

Working with facilities management firm Cushman & Wakefield,

Adobe has undertaken a variety of new green initiatives.

Adobe actively participates in three PG&E energy efficiency programs – Savings by Design,

the Customized Rebate Program and the Demand Response Program.

A key performance benchmark for Cushman & Wakefield — and a factor in determining a portion of its annual compensation — is the requirement that Adobe’s headquarters earn the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® label each year.

In 2005,

Adobe expanded its green mission and began pursuing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification for its San Jose headquarters.

The LEED program was developed by the U.S.

Green Building Council (USGBC).

A national non-profit coalition of leaders from every sector of the building industry,

the USGBC works to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible,

profitable and healthy places to live and work.

In working toward LEED certification,

Adobe has effectively reduced electricity use by 35 percent,

domestic water use by 22 percent,

and irrigation water use by 76 percent.


Adobe is recycling or composting up to 95 percent of solid waste.

According to an audit performed by engineering firm Sebesta Blomberg,

Adobe has reduced total pollution from all sources by 26 percent.

In June 2006,

Adobe was awarded the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Existing Building (LEED-EB) Platinum certification for the first of its three San Jose towers.

The West Tower is the first commercial building in the world to receive this certification under the USGBC’s permanent LEED-EB standard.

Adobe completed more than 45 projects to meet the specifications of the LEED-EB Platinum rating and continues to make additional changes to reduce costs,

preserve resources and contribute to a healthy environment at its facilities around the world.

Honoring Adobe’s Green Achievements

Sustainable Conservation Measures

Adobe diverts up to 95 percent of its waste from landfill projects,

placing the company in the top percentile nationally.

Computer equipment,

fluorescent lamps and ballasts are among office waste items recycled

kitchen grease and cafeteria waste are composted.

All janitorial products satisfy the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Cleaning Stewardship for Community Building Standards and meet the Green Seal Cleaning Products Standards.

Water use has been reduced by 30 percent overall,

and by 75 percent in landscaping.

Run times of outdoor fountains have been reduced from 119 to 60 hours a week.

Adobe was the first company in Santa Clara County to obtain a permit for installing waterless urinals.

Adobe proactively participates in PG&E Energy Efficiency Programs such as: Savings by Design Standard Performance Contracting 500 Plus Peak Express Efficiency Silicon Valley Leadership Group Critical Peak Pricing California Power Authority Demand Reserves Partnership

Janitorial closet  Adobe custodians utilize green cleaning methods.

Using green cleaning chemicals reduces health,

safety and environmental risks

VOC-compliant and biodegradable.

Main supply fan  Supply fans circulate conditioned air throughout the buildings.

Retrofitting variable speed frequency drives for main supply fans in the West Tower resulted in annual savings of approximately $47,000.

Chiller room  Chillers (building air-conditioning systems) provide the cooling in large buildings and account for almost 30 percent of the building’s total energy use.

Installing an adaptable frequency drive (AFD) on the primary chiller in Adobe’s West Tower resulted in savings totaling approximately $39,000.

Garage exhaust fan  Labor to reduce operating times on garage supply fans cost a total of just $100.

This modification in the fans’ programming resulted in savings of approximately $67,000 per year – with no compromise to air quality.

real-time electric meters  Real-time,

digital electric meters featuring enhanced graphic software closely monitor electricity use and measure savings realized from the various electricity-conserving projects undertaken by Adobe.

This monitoring system has allowed Adobe to identify and correct programming errors and other inefficiencies that might otherwise have gone undiscovered,

resulting in annual savings of approximately $96,000 to date.

Awards and Accolades

Since 2001,

Adobe has made significant advancements on its green initiatives.

Adobe has been recognized by many organizations for these accomplishments.

Recognition and awards include : Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Existing Building (LEED-EB) Platinum certification,

Adobe West Tower corporate headquarters,

Green Building Council,

June 2006 First Place Award for Landscape Maintenance,

Medium Commercial Maintenance category,

California Landscaping Contractors Association,

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter,

June 2006 ENERGY STAR® Label,

Adobe West Tower,



Adobe East Tower 2005 and 2006

Adobe Almaden Tower,


Environmental Protection Agency Green Business of the Year,

Santa Clara (Calif.) League of Conservation Voters,

California Preservation Foundation,

Comprehensive Energy Management,

State of California,

Flex Your Power,

Environmental Project of the Year Award,

Association of Energy Engineers,

as well as for California and the nation,” City of San José,

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA),

BOMA Western Region,

Santa Clara County,

Association of Bay Area Governments,

CO2 emission tracking (Ongoing) Five certificates of recognition for involvement with Sustainable Silicon Valley,

Honoring Adobe’s Green Achievements

Recycling bins  Adobe diverts up to 95 percent of its solid waste from landfill,

either through composting or recycling.

Included in the recycling and composting are: paper,

Waterless Urinal  Restrooms at Adobe are touch-free

soap and water use is controlled through motion-activated,

Men’s rooms feature waterless urinals,

saving water and reducing sewer treatment costs.

Notable Media Coverage

Business 2.0 “In June,

the $2 billion software maker became the first company to receive September 2006 a platinum award from the nonprofit U.S.

Green Building Council under its current Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Standards.

That makes Adobe’s San Jose headquarters the greenest corporate building on record in the United States.” Fortune “Adobe is proving that building green isn’t just good citizenship

To date,

the company has invested about $1.1 million in 45 energy-efficiency projects,

yielding nearly $1 million in annual savings,

including about $350,000 in energy rebates.” BusinessWeek “Adobe Systems Inc.

is seeking certification for all three of its office September 11,


under a program that evaluates retrofitted buildings.” KTVU Channel 2 Fox News “The name is very familiar

Adobe Systems is the world’s biggest maker January 26,

But it wants to be known as the greenest company as well.” San Jose Mercury News “The high-rise headquarters of the world’s biggest maker of graphic-design January 17,

Inside the three towers,

technology and frugality work together to save water and power,

reduce waste and improve air quality.” KNTV,

NBC11 News “…for one local company,

but because it’s helping the environment.

What may surprise you is that by helping to clear the air,

it’s also rolling in dough.” Waste News “Adobe is serious about environmental stewardship.

Throughout Adobe facilities July 17,

we strive to use groundbreaking,

environmentally friendly design,

construction and conservation methods,’’ Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said.

“It’s the right thing to do and it makes good business sense.’’

Honoring Adobe’s Green Achievements

Drip irrigation system  Landscape plants were specifically selected for the local climate zone

they are low-maintenance and drought-tolerant.

Watering is by subsurface drip irrigation,

turned on and off by eT-controllers which automatically adjust watering rates according to air temperature,

wind and humidity – factors all transmitted by wireless technology from local weather stations.

The combination of these measures has reduced Adobe’s landscape water use in San Jose by 76 percent.

Partners in Adobe’s Green Initiatives

Allied Waste Industries,

Inc.  waste management services

Jensen Landscape Services  landscape maintenance

The Ashkin Group,

LLC  cleaning consulting

Kathy Denise  video narrator

August Supply,

Inc.  janitorial products,

MACH Energy  energy monitoring

City of San José  building advising and consulting

McNevin Cleaning Specialists,

Inc.  carpet cleaning

CTG Energetics,

Inc.  LEED accredited professional guide,

OfficeMax  office supplies

Cushman & Wakefield  facilities management Falcon Waterfree Technologies  waterless urinals GCA/ACME  cleaning,

janitorial services Georgia-Pacific  paper products

Reel Eagle Productions  video production Segura & Associates  cleaning consulting Sterling & Associates,

Inc.  indoor air quality sampling and testing Technical Concepts  automated faucets,

Integrated Business Solutions  energy management consulting,

energy project implementation,

Honoring Adobe’s Green Achievements

Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue,

San Jose,

CA 95110-2704 USA www.adobe.com Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

© 2006 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

All rights reserved.

All photos by William Porter Printed on Recycled Papers Using Vegetable-Based Inks

Adobe Systems. Principal Scientist, 2012 present. Senior Research Scientist, 2008 present, Research Scientist,

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