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Binder Delivery Process & Customer Thank You


Binder Delivery Process & Customer Thank You firstincomeadvisors 02 binder delivery process pdf Binder Delivery & Referrals 1 The BINDER DELIVERY PROCESS How we deliver our contracts, thank our customers and get referrals We think of our Binder Delivery Meeting as a Thank You Customer Referral Program It is an outstanding

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Binder Delivery Process & Customer Thank You

firstincomeadvisors 02 binder delivery process pdf Binder Delivery & Referrals 1 The BINDER DELIVERY PROCESS How we deliver our contracts, thank our customers and get referrals We think of our Binder Delivery Meeting as a Thank You Customer Referral Program It is an outstanding way for you to showcase your great service to the customer in a personalized, thoughtful and appreciative way Doing so


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y Process & Customer Thank You2 The BINDER DELIVERY PROCESS How we deliver our contracts,


Binder Delivery Process & Customer Thank You

Binder Delivery & Referrals

The BINDER DELIVERY PROCESS How we deliver our contracts,

thank our customers and get referrals.

We think of our Binder Delivery Meeting as a Thank You Customer

Referral Program.

It is an outstanding way for you to showcase your great service to the customer in a personalized,

thoughtful and appreciative way.

Doing so puts this moment as one of the highest for their appreciation of you as well.

And that is the ideal time to find out if they have someone else in their life that deserves such level of care with their financial matters.

Don’t pass up that opportunity.

The meeting should be delivered the same way to all customers by all members of your team,

and should include a personalized binder containing their important documents with a detailed description of the contents behind each tab,

an array of gifts that express your thanks and a copy of your client Referral Guide.

Make it your signature process.

Binder Delivery & Referrals

Creating the Binder & Tabs The customized Personal Financial Inventory binder,

which is also embossed with your logo,

provides clients the opportunity to organize all of their financial documents,

not just the accounts they have with the planner.

This way,

every time they make a financial decision,

they refer to their binder and are reminded of the work the planner has done.

It makes

Every time they make a financial decision they refer to the binder and are reminded of the work you have done.

It makes


The tabs of the binder separate out each category.

This structure is easy to explain to prospects who are about to become your new clients.

We start with an Asset Summary tab.

This holds the one-page summary we have created of all the client’s assets from banking to IRAs,

to life insurance and real estate.

Clients value the organization,

and can measure their progress through the total net worth number.

We offer to update this each time there is an annual review,

and sometimes entirely new accounts will be found because the client will want them on the summary.

Also included in this tab is other summarized information like a listing of any beneficiaries they have named on their accounts with us,

details of long term care policies,

Binder Delivery & Referrals

and their accounting and estate planning advisors.

Once all of this is in one place it’s much more efficient for the clients or their executor one day,

to interact with you and the accounts.

Next is a tab that should be labeled with Your Company’s Name .

The reason is,

many clients may receive correspondence,

and they don’t really know for sure which tab it goes in.

Or they may receive newsletters from your firm they would like to keep,

articles they find interesting,

or miscellaneous other paperwork.

All of this can easily go in the firm name tab for organization later on.

It will remind the client to ask you about the correspondence when they come in for their annual review.

The Estate Planning tab allows the client to keep a copy of all related legal documents they may have created with their attorney.

These are important forms to keep close at hand,

so it makes sense to maintain them right next to the financial assets they may control should a health event occur.

This refers to possibly a will,

At the advice of the attorney,

they may not be the originals as sometimes these are kept in a safe deposit box or other extra secure location.

Therefore a signed copy would be kept in the binder with instructions as to where the originals are and how to access them.

Life insurance and long-term care contracts are large bound documents that easily get lost or placed on a shelf,

never to be accessed again until there is a claim.


however provisions of the contract need to accessed and reviewed,

so a Life & Long Term Care tab offers the client the ability to keep these contracts in one place.

We may not be the ones to sell these contracts but we offer to house them regardless.

They will bring them in and we will add it in.


Binder Delivery & Referrals

if there are illustrations or premium notices,

or signed copies of beneficiary forms processed,

a copy can be added to the appropriate section.

The Mortgage tab is used more for property tax-related documents than anything else.

Some will put each mortgage statement within the tab but we tell clients this isn’t necessary.

Others do not have a mortgage any longer so property tax invoices come only intermittently.

This is a convenient way to keep previous tax summaries for comparison.

Lastly will be a tab for each of the Accounts they have established with us,

holding any relevant necessary documents.

This can consist of the actual contract,

copies of statements and perhaps performance reports.

If the client requests or you would like to offer,

a tab can be created for accounts they have kept from a previous advisor.

It shows you are open to a comprehensive plan and not just looking to move money.

Also you can keep track of how the account is doing if statements are filed in the tab and it’s brought to each review.

Explain Each and Every Contract Each contract has to be explained to the client and processed for delivery.

A shopper’s guide to annuities is included and the sections are discussed.

The agent will make note of the income rider,

potential growth of the cash value,

whether additional deposits can be made and if a bonus would apply,

Binder Delivery & Referrals

These items may have been explained before but repetition with clients is important.

You do not want a miscommunication coming back later or something to be inadvertently ignored.

Talk About the Policy Delivery Receipts At the conclusion of the explanation above,

all annuities require a policy delivery receipt.

Usually there are multiple copies as one gets sent back to the insurance company,

the agent may get one of their own,

and the client is to receive one.

Once signed by all parties,

this is added to the Account tab of the binder so they receive it right away and everyone knows where it is stored.

In addition to the receipt,

there may be amendment forms to sign,

verifying some piece of information about a particular transfer or rollover.


you may consider typing up your own disclosure to accompany the policy delivery receipt.

This shouldn’t provide specific details about the contract as that isn’t to be kept in a separate document and may be incorrect due to administrative error.

What you can do,

is state that you and the client have discussed various goals and risks in concluding that the contract enclosed is the best possible solution going forward.

In other words,

that this is what they are looking for in terms of protection of their assets and future income.

The client’s signature on this extra document is simply an extra understanding for all involved.

Binder Delivery & Referrals

Offering Online Access Whenever possible it is good customer service to offer online access to the account being discussed.

This may not be possible depending on the custodian,

but these days there are companies that offer access,

even when the custodian doesn’t.

A firm named Emoney is an example of this service.

The client may say it’s not necessary or understand that there will be little to no fluctuation in the value of the account,

but its best to offer it if you can.

They will appreciate that you can give them real-time access to the value,

which makes them more comfortable,

Go Through the Gifts The binder itself is presented in a bag that someone would typically use to bring to the beach,

and we encourage them to use it as such.

In each binder bag is also a series of gifts.

We want to present this meeting as the completion of a plan,

as well as a celebration of hard work and tough decisions on their part and to express our thanks for the opportunity to work with them.

Binder Delivery & Referrals

We include a variety of items which change from time to time.

We’ve included a pen set,

an assortment of premium hot teas,

a mug with our company’s logo on it,

a box of chocolates or a picture frame.

Hopefully clients use the frame to hold a picture from one of our events and it reminds them,

of the good work we have accomplished together.

Other Opportunities When a couple takes the time to come and see you as a planner,

they have many hesitations that you have come to expect by now:  They are concerned about making the right decision.

 They worry about trusting you with their life savings and whether this is the right time to move the money out of its current investment.

 They may not fully understand all the characteristics of the contract,

but they like you and they understand it enough to take the leap.

Now that the funds have arrived and you have helped them down the path to retirement,

they are feeling more comfortable.

In these initial 7

Binder Delivery & Referrals

stages they may have agreed on a certain set of accounts but now they may be ready to discuss other assets.

Now is the time,

with the good feelings of a plan created and the organization to know exactly how those other accounts work,

to bring it up for consideration.

We will always try to be ready as part of our preparation process to know which account could be next and where would be a suitable new investment.

This is part of our checklist for all binder delivery meetings,

and once you make it part of a written procedure it’s easier to work it into your normal day and get your staff to prepare you to close more business.

Our Referral Guide and How to Use It One other important item that is presented at the binder delivery is what we call the Referral Guide.

At this meeting we always take a moment to ask for referrals.

This is how we grow our business.

We do it in a way that adds some professionalism and decorum to the process.

We always present the Referral Guide The Referral Guide is a nicely bound booklet at this meeting.

It collecting much of previous few years’ press reminds clients that that the planners at our office have received.

this is how we grow There are articles from magazines and other our business.

We also include dates of our upcoming seminars and other client appreciation events and examples of the monthly newsletter they would receive.

This guide is used 8

Binder Delivery & Referrals

as discussed in the next section.

A sample of the customer Referral Guide that we use was provided to you in your envelope marked Referral Guide.

“Who Do You Know That Could Benefit From What We Do

?” We explain the Referral Guide as a piece they can provide to someone they know who may benefit from our services.

After showing them the various sections we say,

“Who do you know that could benefit from what we do

?” We give them time to think and mention the possible places where these people may be.

It could be a co-worker,

Usually they can think of someone and start the conversation below about how to introduce them to our firm.

In the event that they can’t,

or at least not at the moment,

and as you go about your daily routines you may come across someone who would be a good fit.” This way you already have something tangible you can give them about our firm that will be 9

Binder Delivery & Referrals

memorable and stick in their mind to help facilitate the introduction.

Of course the guide has our phone number on it and the prospect can give us a call.

Also we ask the client to let us know if they give it out and we will do two things.

First we will send them another one,

or we will go through the process below to introduce them to our services.

Let’s Invite Them Together Once the client thinks of someone who may be a fit for our firm,

the dialogue ideally goes something like the examples given in the Ultimate Referral Guide.

We want to know how the client knows the prospect.

 Have they worked with them for a long time

?  Did they complain about losing a lot of money in the market in that past few years

?  How do they feel about risk

?  Are they above or below the client at work,

if that’s where they know them

?  What are their interests

? The list goes on and on and the more the better.

This information is invaluable when assessing your ability to help this new person,

make the impression that you can help them once you finally meet them.

Binder Delivery & Referrals

Schedule the Next Appointment After everything else has been discussed,

it’s still important to make sure this relationship stays as positive as it is now.

A lifetime of referral business and other opportunities are available from a happy client.

One of the main ways,

that the excitement of a good financial plan can fade is through lack of contact.

It’s arguably the number one reason people will seek out a second opinion,

or at least not bother to refer you.

So at the conclusion of this meeting,

we schedule the next time we’re going to get together.

Just like a doctor’s office,

that way we both know when we’re going to have a good chance to talk and review the plan.

Also we can pick a relevant time.

Are they retiring in nine months

Do they have a CD maturing at the end of the year

? We will schedule for November.

Are they turning 59.5

? Why don’t we pencil in a time the following day

? We walk up to the front desk together and we hand over the binder bag.

They receive a business card with the date and time written on the back.

We also tell them they will receive a postcard a few weeks ahead of time as a reminder and they are asked to give us a call if the appointment needs to be adjusted.

Then we say “Goodbye,” and we’re on to the next appointment

Binder Delivery & Referrals

 Go through the binder in detail,

 Keep the door open for other opportunities.

 Always be thinking of referrals.

 Schedule the next appointment.

Binder Delivery & Referrals



Custom Binder


Binder Tabs

Binder Bag

Logo Coffee Cup

Logo Pen Set