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BIM to FM Realities, Goals, Challenges & Future BIM MEP AUS 2013 Presentation. Christopher Di Iorio CEO


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BIM to FM Realities, Goals, Challenges & Future

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Challenges & Future BIM MEP AUS 2013 Presentation Christopher Di Iorio CEO2 Agenda Int...


BIM to FM – Realities,


Challenges & Future BIM MEP AUS 2013 Presentation Christopher Di Iorio CEO

Agenda • • • • • • •

Introduction Why BIM to FM BIM to FM Realities and Challenges Emerging Technologies YouBIM Case Study Recommendations

What We Do ENGworks advises owners,

and contracting companies about expanding market share within the construction industry.

We focus on the future of the industry and the future of the firms we serve.

BIM Integration Services 3D Model Coordination,

Fabrication and BIM->FAB Translation BIM/Fabrication Implementation,

Mentoring & Support BIM Content Creation,

Management & Distribution (BIMXchange) BIM to FM product YouBIM

BIM to FM – Existing Process Today most owners follow (3) types of Facility Management Strategies: •

Some have a collection of drawings,

files and electronic data that they try to reference to find information about their facility.

Some employ spreadsheets with data that has been entered manually and updated infrequently.

Some employ CMMS and CAFM solution where most all information is manually entered into such products like Maximo and Archibus.

BIM to FM – Existing Process Issues What is inherently the problem with these forms of Facility Management

? Inefficiency & Waste caused by poor interoperability of data

BIM to FM – Existing Process Issues The two studies that are used for Return on Investment benchmarks and are agreed upon owners who have actually implemented BIM to FM agree on is the 2004 study report the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) titled Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in U.S.

Capitol Facilities Industry.

This study reports 12.4% additional cost per year for the poor Interoperability or $0.23/sf The report summarizes that excessive time is spent locating and verifying specific facility and project information from previous activities.

For the owner who uses Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system data is all manually entered so no data from preceding activities carried through digitally.

This report also showed that the owner represents over 60% of the cost over the whole life cycle because of lost information through the process and mostly during the Operations and Maintenance.

In addition there is a Sandia National Labs 2010 study that estimates savings of $100 per work order

BIM to FM – What is ROI Today

? There are three main ROI gains today from BIM to FM: •

Reduced Costs – Accurate and complete data ready immediately when the building is completed which lowers data capture and O&M costs.

Integrated Systems – Data bridged from BIM can now populate and integrate with CMMS,


security and energy monitoring systems.

You also have the advantages of a 3D environment for knowing more information about the areas before you service them.

Improves Performance – Now with complete and accessible FM data allows for faster diagnosis of problems and fewer equipment failures.

This in turn helps you FM team do more with less.

BIM to FM – What are the Challenges

? Where are the traditional FM Software's

The real truth is that traditional CMMS and CAFM solutions have no true tie to BIM out of the box.

The software companies also have no way to truly handle 3D visualization from the model.

Most of the software companies when engaged in integration projects are unable tell us what is the true data that they require or that would be useful from the model.

This is often times because these traditional products are asset management programs very few building engineers even use the product even if implemented.

BIM to FM – What are the Challenges

? Lack of education to the Owner into the BIM lifecycle process Owners are not aware of how BIM information will be delivered to them in order to get it into their FM process.

If an owner has no FM product today then the owner needs to also chose a product which makes it more difficult and complex.

Owners know that 85% of their portfolio is in something other than BIM and so BIM to FM is still a fraction of their decision.

There has to be a comprehensive plan for the owner to deal with both.

BIM to FM – What are the Challenges

? BIM Execution Plans – Where is the Owner/FM

Many who make these plans are really only looking at one or two phases of the AEC Lifecycle and lack overall knowledge of what actually happens in the full lifecycle or address the FM deliverable.

The reason each owner will need their own Complete BIM Execution Plan is because if their end deliverable is not clearly defined and planned there is absolutely no ROI for them.

Complete BIM Execution Plans have to under promise and over deliver.

BIM will evolve but stay with achievable goals.

Failure to deliver to owners will compromise the opportunity for them to drive the industry.

BIM to FM – What are the Challenges

Quality and Portability of BIM Content •

Manufactures have been slow to develop content and some have gone down the wrong path of developing the content without the required quality and fidelity.

Additionally different BIM platforms are not convertible.

Lack of standards and software interoperability hinder the pass-through of content data to each phase of the lifecycle.

BIM to FM – What are the Challenges

? Messaging of COBie and IFC mixed •

The COBie standards and IFC is a lowest common denominator approach.

There needs to be better approach and collaboration in the industry.

Software API’s

BIM to FM – What are the Challenges

? Lack of true Platform Agnostic Solutions •

Owners need data.

For them to be tied to many platforms is not a solution.

For owners who own their portfolio for decades they should always have data NOT platform files.

The 4D/5D products on the market do not directly pass data to FM products.

Emerging Technologies Cloud Computing •

Cloud Computing is where most products are being developed with this in mind.

The Cloud provides a flexible external solution for hosting and processing.

Some IT professionals are still against these technologies due to security concerns.

The majority have embraced these technologies.

Emerging Technologies Mobile & RFID Technology •

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless noncontact system that transmits information from a tagged object to a scanning device.

RFID offers facilities managers a means to tag and track assets.

The other advantage is to tag assets behind walls,

or above ceilings while combining mobile technologies can help facility managers see these items while in the space.

Emerging Technologies Augmented Reality (VR) •

Augmented Reality is already being Implemented using geospatial Information to associate model,

Emerging Technologies Energy & Sensor Technology •

Another large ROI for the owner is real-time energy analysis for the knowledge of actual vs.

To watch energy usage to predict when equipment might have to be serviced or adjusted.

As sensors improve energy software is looking at gaining real-time feedback

YouBIM – BIM to FM BIM and Fabrication Models YouBIM extracts all BIM graphics and meta data into a platform agnostic database and cloud based FM solution.

YouBIM – BIM to FM Translation of Data from YouBIM to Asset Management platform(s) (Maximo,


etc.) Once all the unique data sources are all married together inside the YouBIM cloud,

this data is ported over to the owners Asset Management platform of choice.

Traditionally this process would take weeks of effort and was seriously error prone due to the amount of people involved but with this process it happens seamlessly with a very limited amount of "human" time involved at all.

YouBIM – BIM to FM Tie BMS system to YouBIM to associate 3D model to existing BMS functionality Once YouBIM is deployed with the online navigation of the facility,

connecting the virtual representative geometry inside the navigation model to the actual equipment the geometry represents allows the facility operation technicians to remotely access that equipment's controls to inspect it's performance or to make adjustment all from their desk.

Case Study – MaineGeneral Hospital Project Profile: MaineGeneral Hospital New 650,000 ft2 (60,400 m2) Facility General ContractorRobins & Morton Hospital Construction ManagerAdam P.



Case Study – MaineGeneral Hospital Quick Facts: •

True Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Lean Construction was used on the Project.

Budget/Schedule: Original completion date was June 1,


The current anticipated completion date is September 2,

BIM to FM Solution: YouBIM with integration to IBM Maximo,

BIM 360 Field (Vela) and Siemens BMS

Innovation: Information signs,

BIM Box,

3D HD Laser Scanning.

Case Study – MaineGeneral Hospital Quick Facts: •

LEED: Currently tracking 55 points.

Goal is 50 points (req.

Pre-Fabrication: Prefabricated bathrooms for over 170 inpatient rooms and over 250 headwalls.

Diversion of Waste to Date: Tracking 83%,

RFI #: On #508 – Tracking to be 20-25% lower than a standard job.

Case Study – MaineGeneral Hospital Answers from Adam P.

Troidl I asked Adam what did he and his colleagues planned to annually save from utilizing BIM to FM

MaineGeneral expects to save between $185,000 & $225,000/yr.

manual paper workflow” I asked Adam what he would tell an owner who might think BIM to FM is not worth the trouble

? “As far as owners who don’t think BIM to FM is worth it,

I would say to start within this time period is your best chance to capture the data and if you don’t it will take far more time and effort to acquire later.”

Case Study – MaineGeneral Hospital Answers from Adam P.

Troidl (Cont.) “Other intangible ROI is by giving mobile technology to frontline staff,

such as electricians and mechanics,

we can allow them to stay more autonomous out in this large footplate and hopefully solve problems faster and better without returning to the shop.

Empowering them with the BIM to FM tool should increase our customer satisfaction,

especially with a new building where everything is new.

With the geometry piece,

if you’ve bothered to invest in a coordinated model during design and construction it is senseless to throw all that work away and not harvest it and keep it updated,

otherwise you are forever fighting not knowing where things are until you climb above a ceiling to investigate.

Most of the money spent on a building is over its lifecycle after construction and most of the money spent inside a building is on people,

so making your people more effective in caring for the building is the most responsible approach.”

Recommendations For BIM to FM Success: •




& Contractors should engage Owners to develop a complete lifecycle solution.

Continue on the track of a National BIM Standard to drive adoption.

Focus on BIM Integration and understanding from a top down approach.

Select and engage consultants that are able to assist the owner as a third party and does not have a stake in the project.

Thank You

! For More Information Visit: www.ENGworks.com

Christopher Di Iorio [email protected]